English For University Student

Karya :
Tubagus Zam Zam Al Arif, S.Pd., M.Pd
Dr. Yanto, S.Pd., M.Ed

Spek Buku:
Ukuran A5
Cover Artcarton 260 gsm
Isi HVS 70 gr
152 Halaman


This book is intended for students to improve their English language skills an academic cntext. This book is expected to be suitable for use by students of various disciplines at the university level to help improve their english language skills.

The materials in this book stuctured in such a way that students are able to master basic English materials related to the structure of English, the students are able to use English in conversation correctly and meaningfully, the students are able to understand reading with a variety of topics that are academically relevant and interesting and the students are able to write various topics that are reevant in an academic context.

This book sonsist of 14 units that integrate English language skills (listening, reading, speaking dan writing). Each unit consist of several sections including; Focus on the structure of the English language so that students aar able to make and distinguish correct and incorrect sentences. Then practice short conversations aimed at inviting students to have learning experiences using English in a real context.

English For University Student


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